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Friday 3 April 2009
AustraliaFlyingAir SafariRed Centre Tour

Today we leave Fraser Island to fly back to our starting point Toowoomba. We will first land at Maroochydore where Marjie and Harold will return their plane to the Maroochy Aero Club. Clare has organized transport for our luggage from there directly to our hotel in Brisbane and Marjie and Harold will fly back with us to Toowoomba. Well that’s the plan….

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Stuck on the island...

Thursday 2 April 2009
AustraliaAir SafariRed Centre Tour

Todays plan was to fly back to Toowoomba. “Was”… The weather at Fraser Island is fantastic, but when going south and/or west the cloud base is very low, it’s raining and therefore these are no go regions. And Toowoomba is in the middle of it all.

So we decided to stay another day on Fraser Island. The resort has everything we need: beer, a pool and beds ;-)

For me: I found it too hot outside and this unplanned extra day was a nice opportunity to work on my website and to exchange photos with the others.

So nothing exciting to mention today.

Fraser Island: they have a lot of sand here...

Wednesday 1 April 2009
AustraliaWalkingDrivingAir SafariRed Centre Tour

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. It’s about 125 kilometers long and about 22 kilometers at its widest point. On the island you will find loads of fresh water lakes, a rainforest and more. It’s all about the nature and then of course the tourists. Like us… So today we are going on a whole day tour, showing us all the nice things this island has to offer.

It is 1 April today and our driver has a good sense of humor. So he starts by explaining the safety regulations and that in case of issues with the bus he may need some help. Therefore, he creates two groups: the women will push the bus and the man will take pictures. That got us going. It will take over an hour to cross the island.

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Time to leave Longreach; Fraser Island here we come

Tuesday 31 March 2009
AustraliaFlyingBy BoatAir SafariRed Centre Tour

Today we will end up on Fraser Island. But since their’s no usable airport on the island itself, we will fly to Hervey Bay and then go on by boat. This trip will be the longest flight of the whole air safari, so we start early. Weather looks good and we have already fueled the planes when we landed at Longreach. So time to say goodbye to Longreach. And take a last nice snapshot on the ground; look at the tip of the propeller of that plane.

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Doing the tourist thing in Longreach

Monday 30 March 2009
AustraliaWalkingAir SafariRed Centre Tour

Although Longreach is not the biggest town in this country, it has some interesting things to offer. Today we will explore most of them. We started the day with a visit to a station (or farm). We got picked up at the hotel by Trevor in a more or less oversized “bus” aka “truck”. From there on we drove to the station where we picked up Marie. Marie and Devan Pearce run Strathmore station and she was going to tell us all about this place.

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