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Time to leave Longreach; Fraser Island here we come

Tuesday 31 March 2009
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Today we will end up on Fraser Island. But since their’s no usable airport on the island itself, we will fly to Hervey Bay and then go on by boat. This trip will be the longest flight of the whole air safari, so we start early. Weather looks good and we have already fueled the planes when we landed at Longreach. So time to say goodbye to Longreach. And take a last nice snapshot on the ground; look at the tip of the propeller of that plane.

Again we see the scenery constantly change colors. And after a while we encounter this strange bird in the sky (oh look: Janice is imitating a Japanese tourist).

Navigation is easy today: we go VFR (visually following road).

Because of the lenght of the route we do today, we can’t make it without refueling. Therefore we land at Emerald, fuel up and move on again. We are more or less in a hurry: we need to cover a whole lot of miles today.

The planners included some interesting things today. Like this gorge.

And this dam.

We should have seen a meteor crater as well, but we couldn’t find it. Later on we discovered we went over it, but it’s so big that we should have gone much higher to actualy identify it as a meteor crater…

Hey another strange bird…

Bundaberg in sight and therefore the coast. Time to get down to a nice 500 feet above water and enjoy the views.

After a nice landing at Hervey Bay and tying down the planes, it was time to find our boat.

We went much faster today then foreseen. So we had enough time to have some beers and enjoy the views in the harbour.

Time to get on board of the Kingfisher II and fly low… This thing goes…

Doing the Titanic thing…

And then there she is: our home for the next two nights.

Look at this view from my room. What more do you want when you’re staying in a place like this?

We finished the day with a nice diner and then everybody had enough. It’s been a long day and tomorrow we “do” the island.

The track of today:

Ferry to Fraser Island:

Tuesday 31 March 2009

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