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Saturday 21 March 2009
AustraliaWalkingAir SafariRed Centre Tour

Today we will not fly, but will have a look around in the world famous town of Birdsville. Since it can be very hot here, we decided to have an early walk, have breakfast and then on to the local museum. And so we did.

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On to Birdsville

Friday 20 March 2009
AustraliaFlyingAir SafariRed Centre Tour

Yesterday we flew to Charleville and today we will move on to Birdsville via Windorah where we will have lunch and fuel up the aircraft. This is a much longer track than that of yesterday. Now we are really going to enter the outback.

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Our first flight

Thursday 19 March 2009
AustraliaFlyingAir SafariRed Centre Tour

Thursday 19 March: our first flying day in Australia. Today we fly from Toowoomba to Charleville. This trip is relatively short, but contains one challenging hurdle: we need to cross the controlled airspace of the military base in Oakey. Once we have passed this airspace, we will not encounter any controlled airspace for almost a week.

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Time to fly...

Wednesday 18 March 2009
AustraliaAir SafariRed Centre Tour

It’s been a few days since I posted my last blog. As stated before, we don’t always have access to the Internet. And as a result of that, I have not been to upload all my photos yet. So what happened? Well, the air safari started.

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