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Moving and updating…

Sunday 9 January 2011
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I started this website in 2009 in order to share photos and impressions of my holiday in Australia. At that point in time, I didn’t spend too much time investigating what the best solution for such a site would look like, nor did I look into hosting and hosting providers.

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Time to go home and say goodbye…

Monday 18 October 2010
USABlue Sky Flying Adventures

Today we go back home. Back to the cold and wet autumn weather. Holiday is over. I really enjoyed it. We had a nice team (although there was some tension between a few people in the group), overall good weather, nice views, too many drinks (but no headaches), a great plane and a lot of fun.

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Los Angeles or Santa Monica to be more precise…

Sunday 17 October 2010
USABlue Sky Flying AdventuresDrivingWalking

Yesterday we drove from San Diego to Santa Monica. Here we will spend two nights before flying back home tomorrow. The weather has turned into cold and fog/drizzle; not very nice holiday weather at all. Today we tried to find the Hollywood sign, but it is covered in fog. We just pottered around town, did some shopping, eating, drinking, relaxing. It were a few pleasant days of doing not a lot.

San Diego

Friday 15 October 2010
USABlue Sky Flying AdventuresDrivingWalking

We’re done flying but still have a few days left until we fly back home. The plan is to stay in San Diego today and drive to Los Angeles tomorrow where we will stay for two nights.

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Marginal conditions…

Thursday 14 October 2010
USABlue Sky Flying AdventuresFlying

So, here we are at Gillespie Field with planes that need to go to Montgomery and Palomar. The forecast shows very marginal conditions. We have 2 options: leave the planes here and have them picked up by the owners or try to fly them back. After waiting for a few hours and monitoring the weather reports and forecasts we decided to fly them back home. Issue one of today: how do we get to the aircraft??? Yesterday, it was quite easy: we were instructed to park our planes in front of the terminal building. But today, we are at the other side of the airport and you can not just “walk over there”. The local flying school helped out. They provided “transportation”: yep, a golf cart…

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