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Enough music; time to visit a big city…

Thursday 8 September 2011
USAFlyingBlue Sky Flying Adventures

After a long and perfect evening in Nashville, we are on our way to the first big city that we will visit: Chicago. It was a very long night last night; therefore I hopped on the backseat this morning and let the Kooy-boys fly me to the next destination. The landscape isn’t really special. There’s one thing that’s clear though: there’s still a lot of construction going on. On our track we saw a lot of housing development sites.

We’re stopping at St. Louis to have lunch and fuel the planes. After take-off we overfly the river to have a peek at the city and its world famous arc.

The next track brings us over the cornfields of America. This is massive; everywhere you look, there’s corn or grassland. This is where America gets its food.

The last track of the day brings us into Chicago. Ferdinand selected a nice airport; however he didn’t realize how busy this airport is. The jumbos are all around us and the weather is extremely poor; low ceiling, poor visibility. Once we landed, we had to taxi to the other side of the airport. It took ages to get there. What an experience.

We ended up in the Hyat in Chicago; perfect hotel and near the city center. Tomorrow we are going to “do Chicago in one day”.

Have a look at the pictures of today: Flying from John C Tune Airport (KJWN) to Chicago Midway (KMDW) and the tracks of today:

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