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Adelaide to Bordertown

Monday 11 May 2009

It’s Monday 11 May and I am on my way to the Grampians National Park. And since it’s a long way away from Adelaide I will have to make a stop in the middle which is going to be Bordertown.

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Back in Adelaide

Sunday 10 May 2009
AustraliaWalkingBy Boat

Back in Adelaide. The people at the Visitor Information Centre suggested that on a Sunday, visiting Port Adelaide might be a good idea.

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Kangaroo Island Day 2

Saturday 9 May 2009
AustraliaBy Bus

The second day on Kangaroo Island.

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Kangaroo Island Day 1

Friday 8 May 2009
AustraliaBy Bus

Today I will go on a bus tour to Kangaroo Island and stay there for a night.

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Thursday 7 May 2009

According to my schedule I will stay a day in Adelaide (Thursday) then go to Kangaroo Island for a few days (that’s Friday and Saturday) and return to Adelaide for one more day (Sunday).

I had no plan for today, so my first stop was the local Visitor Information Centre for some input. They came up with enough suggestions for at least a week, but I couldn’t fit that into my schedule. The weather isn’t too bad, so I just walked around. I didn’t take any pictures today (hey, that’s a first!). There’s so much to see here, but I couldn’t get it “on film”. If you want more: just Google for it, or better: come and see for yourself.