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Back in Adelaide

Sunday 10 May 2009
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Back in Adelaide. The people at the Visitor Information Centre suggested that on a Sunday, visiting Port Adelaide might be a good idea.

Well, they know the place therefore I hopped on the bus and after 40 minutes I was there. It’s a rather small port but with a lot of history and with Dolphin cruises. Hey, that’s something I haven’t done yet while being here… Let’s go and see some Dolphins. They live in the port river and when I got on board of the boat that would bring me to them, I met a lady that spends a lot of time on this boat and on shore to take pictures of the dolphins. And she’s able to identify and name all of them, just by seeing a glimpse of them. And that’s what you get on this tour: every now and then one pops above the water and swims along the boat for a few seconds. And that’s it… Well it was good fun to be away from the city again. And the stories of this lady watching the dolphins made the tour very pleasant. The pictures of today can be found here: Exploring Port Adelaide.

After the dolphins I just walked around here. Looking at all those nice old buildings. Some of them need some attention otherwise they will not be here for much longer. Then I headed back to the city. It was dark by the time I got there, so after a nice meal it was time to get some sleep. Tomorrow I will pick up a car again and head east. The track of today:

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