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Check outs finalized

Sunday 4 September 2011
USAFlyingBlue Sky Flying Adventures

Today we finalized all the check outs; now we need to get the paperwork in place. However, tomorrow is a public holiday and as a result the FAA is closed. So, at this point only Tom and myself are allowed to fly (and Lex of course, since he’s here with his own plane).

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Paperwork, ground school and check out

Saturday 3 September 2011
USAFlyingBlue Sky Flying Adventures

You may have noticed that I like to fly planes. And when you really want to enjoy flying, you need to do so in the USA. This beautiful country has no borders, a large number of airports, excellent service on the airports and good weather.

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Linking to facebook

Sunday 28 August 2011

I have started to integrate my website with my facebook account. The idea here is that anything I post on my blog should also appear on my facebook wall. When somebody leaves a comment on my website, it should appear on facebook; the same thing the other way around. Not sure if this is going to work, since there are a million options I can set in the plugin.

Flying USA: The Big Apple Edition

Thursday 26 May 2011
USAFlyingBlue Sky Flying Adventures

It’s that time of the year again: holiday planning season!

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Sunday 3 April 2011
NextGEN GalleryWordPress

When you look at my website, you must have noticed that I use a lot of photos. I think that a single photo tells a better story then a lot of words. But using photos on your blog like I do is very time consuming especially when you also want to keep track of the locations where you created your photos.

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