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Sunday 3 April 2011
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When you look at my website, you must have noticed that I use a lot of photos. I think that a single photo tells a better story then a lot of words. But using photos on your blog like I do is very time consuming especially when you also want to keep track of the locations where you created your photos.

So how does it work? Well in general it looks like this:

  • When I travel I take my camera and a GPS logger with me.
  • At the end of the day I connect both devices to my computer to extract their data.
  • I first cleanup my GPS track; remove any strange sparks and convert it into a gpx or kml file.
  • Then I cleanup my photos. Remove the bad ones; change orientation, tag them and add the GPS info to them.
  • The next step is to upload the GPS track and my photos to the webserver.
  • Once the photos are on the server I create a NextGEN Gallery and add the photos to it.
  • Then I create my blog post and include the GPS track and the photos that I think support the text.

I noticed that I use a lot of software and steps to do all this and set myself a goal: reduce the amount of handling. The first improvement I came up with was the uploading of the photos.

I use Windows Live Photo Gallery to do the cleanup and tagging of my photos. But this application does not have options to interface with my NextGEN photo gallery. To be more precise: it didn’t!

This week I launched a new website: and on this site you will find the “WordPress and More” plugin for Windows Live Photo Gallery. It allows you to upload your photos to a NextGEN photo gallery and allows you to create a new gallery before uploading the photos.

So, the first optimization is in place. On to the next one.

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