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Los Angeles or Santa Monica to be more precise…

Sunday 17 October 2010
USABlue Sky Flying AdventuresDrivingWalking

Yesterday we drove from San Diego to Santa Monica. Here we will spend two nights before flying back home tomorrow. The weather has turned into cold and fog/drizzle; not very nice holiday weather at all. Today we tried to find the Hollywood sign, but it is covered in fog. We just pottered around town, did some shopping, eating, drinking, relaxing. It were a few pleasant days of doing not a lot.

San Diego

Friday 15 October 2010
USABlue Sky Flying AdventuresDrivingWalking

We’re done flying but still have a few days left until we fly back home. The plan is to stay in San Diego today and drive to Los Angeles tomorrow where we will stay for two nights.

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That’s a big boat!

Monday 4 October 2010
USABlue Sky Flying AdventuresDrivingWalking

Although that Jeroen and myself have completed the check out, the other pilots have not yet completed their paperwork and tests. Today started with a visit of the local FAA office. After some paperwork, we received our US certificate based on our Dutch private pilot licenses. Yet another part of the process to fly in the US.

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Back to Melbourne

Friday 15 May 2009

Today I will drive to Melbourne. But not before I tour the town of Ballarat.

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On to Ballarat

Thursday 14 May 2009

After all that nature it’s time to get back towards the concrete skyscrapers. Today I will start driving to Melbourne, but this is too far to do in one day. Well, it’s too far for me to do in one day. When you talk to the average local, they will drive from Adelaide to Melbourne in one day. But I am on holiday and want to enjoy it…

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