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My first Domoticz plugin

Sunday 27 September 2020

A few weeks back I released the Domoticz SolarEdge_ModbusTCP plugin and in the previous post I promised to share my experience of creating that plugin.

Before we dive in, let me share my starting points: I had never written a plugin for Domoticz and I had never used (either to run or develop something in) Python. I have developed software using object-oriented languages like C++, C# and Java.

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Domoticz, solarpanels and inverters

Sunday 13 September 2020

Back in August 2018 we got 20 solarpanels installed on our carport. The vendor (SolarEdge) of the inverter provides an app and a monitoring website where we can see how the installation is performing.

We were already using Domoticz to monitor our power and gas usage. Domoticz comes with an option to extract data from the SolarEdge monitoring platform and present it. All the energy data available in one dashboard; a great way to see what is going on.

Great right? Well, yeah. It’s working perfectly, so no complaints. But there’s this nagging thingie… To get to the performance data of our panels, we are required to use the monitoring platform of the vendor. And it’s also clear that SolarEdge receives more information from the inverter than they share back to us via their API.

So, why not collect this data directly from the inverter?

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