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Dev Containers Fail Fast

Friday 27 October 2023
Dev ContainersLinuxPodmanWSL 2

I started to experiment with Development Containers using Podman. The Linux system setup by the podman machine init command was so basic that things like git were not installed. So, let’s install git to find out that another thing was missing and a setting had to be changed an yet another one and and another one.

And finally, things still fail… Time for another approach: replace the Podman installed and configured Linux system with another one that comes with Windows/WSL integration.

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Then came Podman

Thursday 26 October 2023
Dev ContainersHugoLinuxPodmanWSL 2

In the First there was Linux post I explained how to get going with a Linux system on a Windows laptop. Where this would be a difficult task many years ago, it’s a breeze nowadays with Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Running a Linux system only doesn’t add much value to my way of working. I need applications. But this whole journey started with messing up a Windows laptop with all sorts of applications, frameworks and add-ons to just try something. I don’t want to do the same thing on a Linux system.

The solution: containerization; and that doesn’t read: Docker. Let’s dive into it.

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Dev Containers, Podman and WSL 2

Tuesday 24 October 2023
Dev ContainersPodmanWSL 2

Although I am not a software developer, every now and then I tinker with software. When I do so, I tend to end up with a whole bunch of software, modules and add-ons that need to be installed before I can start to do what I want to do. After a while, my computer is a big mess and the next thing I try is impacted by whatever I did some time ago and forgot about.

There must be better ways of doing this right? Yes, there are better options and I have tried a few of them over time. The latest and greatest option: DevContainers. Let me introduce you to what I did and learned recently.

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