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Paperwork, ground school and check out

Saturday 3 September 2011
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You may have noticed that I like to fly planes. And when you really want to enjoy flying, you need to do so in the USA. This beautiful country has no borders, a large number of airports, excellent service on the airports and good weather.

The downside of flying abroad is all the paperwork, ground school and checkouts you will have to do in order to being able to rent a plane.

This year we have a group of 7 and we are going to fly 3 different types of planes; one Cessna 172, one Cessna 182 and a Cirrus SR22. The Cirrus comes with a story. Normally we just travel to the US and rent planes there. But one of the participants (Lex Versteeg) thought it would be good fun to bring his private plane.

So, here it is: a Dutch call sign in the US. That’s something the US air controllers are not used to; a call sign with just letters in it and starting with “PH”.

Well, today was about ground school and paperwork, tomorrow we are going to fly and do the check outs.

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