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12 Minutes of bad weather

Sunday 3 October 2010
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We started our day today with “ground school”. During a 3 hour session Paul Wickstrom (one of the Pinnacle Aviation Academy instructors) gave us a refresh of the rules and best practices that apply when flying in the USA.

In the afternoon it was flying time for Jeroen. Yesterday during my check flight, we had fabulous weather. Today the weather is extremely poor. We have fog, drizzle and as a result we can’t just go for a check flight. After some discussion with Paul, we came to the conclusion that we had to pass some bad weather in the area of the airfield and if we could fly a bit to the north, we would have good weather again.

The only way to do this, is to fly IFR (see: Instrument Flight Rules) to get above the bad weather and then fly North to the good weather. As a result Jeroen could log 12 minutes IFR in his logbook; not planned, but still good to have.

As you can see in the photo gallery there is a big difference in visibility once we were clear of the fog.

After about an hour of flying, Paul was convinced that it was safe for Jeroen to fly in the USA. The “Synthetic Vision Team” is ready to go.

The track of today (unfortunately incomplete… the battery in my PhotoTrackr ran out of power):

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