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Walking in the park

Wednesday 13 May 2009

I am staying at a very nice B&B in Pomonal and my hosts suggested that I should go for a walk up to the Pinnacle. From there you should have a great view over the whole region. But before I start climbing up there I went to the Boroka lookout; it’s the only lookout I couldn’t visit anymore yesterday since I ran out of daylight. The weather is a bit funny today, so the views from the lookout aren’t great. But it’s clear that the weather is improving for now, so up to the car park where I start my walk up to the Pinnacle.

It’s a nice walk up there and once you get to the Pinnacle lookout, you are rewarded with a great view. Well, you don’t have to go up there yourself; you can look at my pictures here: Exploring Pomonal.

When I got down to the car park again, the weather was getting worse. It started to rain and therefore I went back to Halls Gap for lunch. After lunch it looked a bit better. I intended to go for another nice walk, but by the time I got to the start of it, it was raining again. And although I have a nice raincoat, it’s just no fun to go up these tracks when it’s wet. Therefore a change of plans; I just cruised around and every now and then stopped to look at the scenery.

It’s been a nice day in the park. It’s a shame that I have to leave this place again tomorrow, since there are a lot more nice walking tracks up here.

The track of today:

Wednesday 13 May 2009

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