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The Apostle day

Sunday 3 May 2009

Today I will continue to drive on the Great Ocean Road and will see all the interesting sites that are along it. Especially the The Twelve Apostles.

The first stop is at Gibson Steps. Nice aren’t they.

Well they are here for a reason. And this is it:

Next stop: the official Twelve Apostles lookout.

And back in the car on to the next lookout.

Guess what I did next? Right: I drove to the next lookout.

Basically this is what I did the whole day. Go to lookout, take pictures, back to car, drive to next lookout. This part of the Great Ocean Road is fantastic! There’s too much to see to include in this post. So hop over to the album with all the pictures: Driving from Apollo Bay to Woolsthorpe.

The track of today:

Sunday 3 May 2009

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