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Next stop: Coles Bay.

Wednesday 22 April 2009

It’s time to move on and leave Hobart. Next stop: Coles Bay. It’s on the east side of Tasmania and it is there for only one reason: Freycinet National Park. There are not many options when it comes to getting to my destination. But some deviations from the Tom Tom route are possible. And one of them brings me to the Seven Miles Beach.

This bridge is the first bridge to get to Sorell. The first bridge will get you to Midway Point (I told you so: the Australians are not very creative). Just an impression of what you will encounter here.

It surprised me that it’s allowed to cycle on all the roads in this country. So you will encounter cyclists everywhere… It’s a bit tricky now and then.

Every now and then I just had to stop. Most of the times because I think I need to digitalize what I see. Like this:

There are other ways to “do” a holiday. I couldn’t find whatever is put on the trailer.

Been there. Done that.

Hey a lookout. Let’s investigate…

Bummer. Is that it?

Another one.

Okay, it’s getting ridiculous now.

The scenery has changed over the last hours. I came from city and hills, rocks, trees, beaches and now this.

And then it was time to stop stopping. When I searched for the address of the hotel on my Tom Tom, it stated that the street doesn’t exist. Let’s go there and find out. Well it’s not that difficult. Basically there’s only one street and everything will eventually lead to:

It’s already quite late and after my stop at the visitor centre to purchase a pass, I did a “Japanese” tour. Meaning: you drive to the light house, take pictures, get in car, drive to other side of the peninsula, take pictures, get in car, drive to hotel, eat and sleep.

The track of today:

Wednesday 22 April 2009

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