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Tuesday 21 April 2009

There are so many nice things to see and do on this island, but I have limited time and the distances are enormous. Therefore I need to make some choices. I choose to go to the Huon valley and to see the Tahune Forest AirWalk.

Let’s start with the weather of the day: it’s cool (I am getting used to temperatures below 20 now), dry (there’s overcast) and hardly any wind. Result: it’s nice out here. And since there’s no wind you can take pictures like these:

It’s fall over here. The leaves are changing color or just falling off.

There we are: Tahune National Forrest. Let’s find out what this AirWalk is all about. Well this is it:

After walking along the tree tops, it was time to get back on the ground. There’s a nice track back to the entrance. It will take me over two nice bridges over the river and since I haven’t walked for a few days…

Then it was time to move on again. But it’s too early to return to Hobart. Let’s go south. Tom, where can we go? Let’s try “Dover”. After some discussions with Tom (he wants to get to places fast and efficient; I just want to see nice things) we found these views.

Eventually we got to Dover and since it was getting darker and late again, I asked Tom to do what he does best: get me to my hotel fast and efficient. He did… And my PhotoTrackr gave up again. I still have no idea why.

The track of today:

Tuesday 21 April 2009

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