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Monday 20 April 2009

The day starts with some shopping. I am not equipped for 15 degrees and potential rain showers. Luckily my hotel is just meters away from the shopping centre of town.

And I had to stop by Thrifty: my car key came apart and I don’t want to risk losing any part, since one is used to open the door and the other part to start the beast… The “rent a car” man looked surprised. But a drop of glue should do the trick.

During my walk through town I concluded that I will not spent a lot of time in this city. It’s not that interesting. Here are some views from the harbor.

According to my little book there are some nice views just a few car minutes away. Time to hit the road then.

First stop: Mount Wellington. Nice drive! A winding road of about 20 kilometers to the top. On my way over I noticed that there was a big cloud surrounding the mountain top. Hope that’s not going to impact my pictures! Then a few minutes later I was IN the cloud and a few minutes later again the sky was clear again. Interesting, so the top is above the cloud. And it looks like this:

And there’s more.

There is a big radio mast on top of the mountain; therefore there’s also this warning.

From here you can follow several walking tracks. But that’s not for me today. I walked a few hundred meters of one of the tracks because of these views.

Then we (me and my mate for the next 9 days) had to move on. At a certain moment I noticed a broken tail light on my car. That wasn’t on the form when I picked it up, but I know for sure that I didn’t hit anything… Well we need to visit the Thrifty office one more time.

When I got back below the cloud I could just see the city beneath me. And looking up I could see the top of the mountain again.

There’s a casino (Wrest Point) and another harbor with some nice views just to the south of the city centre.

I wanted to make sure that my broken light was not going to give me issues for the next days. Therefore I visited the Thrifty office one more time. We came to the conclusion that the light was already broken by the time I picked up the car (there was a lot of water in it and it hasn’t rained, so that must be caused by washing the car). The light itself is working and therefore I will not have any problems with the police… We’ll see.

By mistake I took a wrong turn driving back to my hotel and ended up on the other side of the bridge (east side) again. Well, since I am here, let’s see what my little book finds interesting here. Hey, there’s a “lookout” sign. Deviate… Yes Tom I know I am going in the wrong direction…

Then it was getting dark again and I noticed that the cloud around the top of Mount Wellington was fading. How would a sunset look from there? Only one way to find out… Well it’s nice, but for some reason I couldn’t get it “on film”. It’s freezing cold up here by the way. Temperatures are down to 5 degrees and the wind is strong making things worse.

Then it was time to return “home”. It’s been a nice day again and I think I have covered Hobart and surroundings. Tomorrow I want to move away from this city.

Monday 20 April 2009

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