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Today I need some shelter.

Monday 13 April 2009

Yesterday I already planned to go to the Jenolan Caves today. And what a good planning that was… Today is going to be a very wet day. And then it’s not a bad thing to be “inside”.

It’s quite a drive from Katoomba (or Leura to be more precise) to the caves. And on my way I was able to take some nice snapshots of the landscape (and the clouds).

And then there they are: the caves. They are big, there are a lot of them and it’s going to be a challenge to take pictures… It’s just to dark in there and you will need a far better camera to take really nice pictures here.

I booked two tours: first I will visit the Temple of Baal and after that I will see the Lucas cave. And because I booked two tours, I also got access to the “self guided” Nettle cave. Here’s an impression:

Then it was time to visit the Temple of Baal. Together with another 20 or so visitors, including some very young children that liked the first 10 seconds, but couldn’t really appreciate the other 90 minutes… Nevertheless, our tour guide tried to entertain them as much as possible and we had a lovely tour. As stated before, it’s very challenging to take good pictures in these caves. Here are a few that worked out (but they don’t show the real glory of the real thing however):

They spent a lot of time and effort to create beautiful light effects and music in this cave. If you ever have the option: go and see for yourself.

Then it was time to see Lucas. This is the biggest cave, but far less impressive then the Temple of Baal. I took hardly any pictures of this cave, but here are a few:

After all these caves, it was time to return to my hotel. And that was not that easy. The rain was far more intense then when I drove up here and the clouds were covering the road I had to go on. It took me far more time to get back then I expected; I just had to drive very slowly in order to stay on the road…

By the time I got back it was already quite late. So after a quick diner it was time to call it a day. Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow, since it will be my last day in this magnificent area.

The track of today:

Monday 13 April 2009

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