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Blue Mountains here I come.

Saturday 11 April 2009

Today I will need to plan my next few days in the Blue Mountains. Since I don’t have time to do all this planning myself my first stop of the day will be the visitor information centre in Glenbrook. This is one of the reasons I choose to stay in Windsor last night: it is only about 45 minutes away from Glenbrook.

On my way out of Windsor I passed this military airport.

When I got to the information centre and told them that I had nothing booked and wished to stay in this area, they started to smile… “Sir, it is Easter and the whole of Sydney has a few days of which they spent in this area.” Okay, so it will become a challenge to find a room. Let’s give it a try… Well, they booked me the last room they could find. And guess what: it is only 5 minutes away from Echo Point in Katoomba. That’s sort of the most popular point in the most popular town. Tonight (Saturday night) was the difficult night, because every hotel room was more or less booked. The following nights are less difficult. Therefore I will move to another (cheaper and nicer) place tomorrow.

When the rooms are booked (the lady that helped me was proud that she managed it), it was time to work on a “what to do” schedule. She explained the area and all the highlights and gave me enough information to make sure that I would not end up in places with thousands of other tourists that were there for only a few hours or a day.

First stop of the day: the Wentworth Falls. The lady of the visitor information centre suggested a nice walk here and therefore it was time to put on my walking shoes… And it was a nice walk:

After about two and half hours of going up and down it was time to move on. The memory card of the camera was nicely filled up with new content for the website and my feet and legs informed me of a serious energy loss… It was time to find my room in Katoomba.

After I had my shower the weather had changed. It started to rain and it was getting dark. I hopped in my car and drove the 1000 meters to Echo Point. Then I illegally parked my car, took some pictures of the Three Sisters and then it was time to find a restaurant and call it a day.

I consider the Wentworth Falls walk as one of the highlights in my holiday. This place is magnificent and the walk itself was quite challenging. When I looked at the map that I got from the visitor information centre, I noticed that this walk was classified as “Hard”. Well out of the 7 tracks, 4 are classified as “medium”, 1 is “easy”, 1 is “expert” and then the one I did is classified as “hard”. It’s probably not the most common way to start walking in this area I guess, but then I really enjoyed it.

The track of today:

Saturday 11 April 2009

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