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Monday 6 April 2009

Since I got to Byron Bay quite late yesterday, I had no time to explore the place. Before I go on to the next place I want to have a nice walk around. There is a nice path along the beach up to the lighthouse and then back into town. Time to get a move on.

It’s early in the morning when I start my walk (about 8.00) and already there are surfers here. I saw more surfers here than in Surfers Paradise.

Look at this guy. He developed his own style I guess…

There’s a nice lookout here along the coast with great views.

Then on to the lighthouse. It is quite a walk to get there, but the scenery makes it worth wile.

Here are some very professional surfers. You may need to zoom in a bit, but they are there: dolphins playing with the waves. Like the surfers, they wait for the right one and the surf! It’s a great view and they were there for quite some time.

I already found out that the Australian sense of humor is fantastic. But this…

Well I didn’t go on the ramp!

Then it was time to leave Byron Bay and do some driving. Like yesterday: I just picked a place on the map that seemed to be within range. And today’s destination is Coffs Harbour. Tom Tom will guide me there. It was a nice drive. There is one annoying thing: the roads don’t allow you to stop to take pictures and you pass so many nice views… It’s just not feasible; there are no shoulders and due to the winding and turning and the hills, I don’t think it’s safe to just stop somewhere along the road to take a picture. It was the same yesterday, I hope this changes because there are so many nice things that I would like to capture. I tried to take some snapshots while driving (there must be a law that prohibits me from doing this, so don’t tell the police…).

A few years ago I visited the US and drove through some of the desserts there. One thing that amazed me was the length of the roads and how strait they are. Well, over here they are longer and as straight… And although they consider this part of the country to be flat, there are an amazing amount of hills. This makes driving fantastic, since you have no idea what’s behind the next bump in the road.

Eventually I ended up in Coffs Harbour. Coffs Harbour is a long or wide town. So it’s not going to be easy to find a room close to a restaurant. I stopped at the local Visitor information centre and they confirmed this point… I ended up in a cheap but nice motel room along the coast. Quite a distance away from a restaurant, so a long walk planned for tonight.

On my way back from the restaurant I noticed a few raindrops. Nothing serious, but there’s some rain on its way here. The moment I got to the motel, the shower was turned on. And it rained for hours! This area has had a lot of issues with rain in the last few weeks. All the buildings in the area where my motel is located still had no telephone due to the flooding here. They were cut off for over a week now. So when it started to rain, the owner looked worried…

Well, there’s nothing I can do about it. So time to go to bed. Tomorrow I have new places to explore.

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Monday 6 April 2009

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