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Boulia to Longreach: second track of the day

Sunday 29 March 2009
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We are on our way to Longreach after we stopped at Lark Quarry to watch Dinosaur tracks.

As you can see in the picture gallery, there are not a lot of pictures of this track. Well it just didn’t take that long and the views were more or less the same as flying from Boulia to Lake Quarry. Okay, here are some of the things we saw on this track…

Longreach is considered the starting point of Qantas (for those who don’t know: that’s Australia’s “KLM”). There’s a museum here that tells the story; we will visit it tomorrow.

We finished up the day with a boat tour on the Thomson river. Just relaxing, chatting, enjoying the views.

We have done it all today; flying, nature, history and leisure. Time to go to bed, since we have a busy schedule for tomorrow.

The track of today:

Sunday 29 March 2009

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