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Ayers Rock to Alice Springs

Thursday 26 March 2009
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Today we will see all sorts of highlights, so I will be a passenger and Clare will fly the plane. This will allow Clare to do some time flying here and gives me the opportunity to take loads of pictures;-)

We will start by flying to Ayers Rock then to the Olgas and then we will head on to Alice Springs. When overflying Ayers Rock and the Olgas you will need to follow specific routes and altitudes (look at the map below and you will see what I mean). First to Ayers Rock:

And then on to the Olgas:

And then on to fly overhead Ayers Rock airport to fly to Lake Amadeus.

Our next point of interest was Kings Canyon:

And again on to the next one: Gosses Bluff a meteor crater.

Well as stated, today is all about the views, so the next on the list is: Palm Valley. It’s interesting to see palm trees in such a dry area.

After flying over the Palm Valley, we got to Hermannsburg. Here’s a nice solar station to provide electricity to the town.

And after all these nice views, we got to Alice Springs. We tried to find Stanley Chasm and Simpsons Gap and they maybe on the pictures but I am not sure.

After landing and tying the planes down, we got on our taxi to the hotel. On our way over, we stopped at the Anzac hill memorial. This is quite a high point, so it’s a nice place to take some pictures of the town.

It’s been an interesting day again. On this track we saw by far the most “interesting points” so far. Well look at the picture library for more.

The track of today:

Thursday 26 March 2009

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