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On my way… The Australian adventure has begun.

Saturday 7 March 2009

The adventure has begun.

Friday 6 March I left home to fly to Singapore, my first stop. After a nice taxi ride to Amsterdam Schiphol and some strolling along the shops, I decided to have a look at the British Airway business lounge. This is a first time: I have bought a business class ticket to and from Australia and therefore I get all this luxury: use of the lounge, good meals, a lot of space and perfect service. So it’s going to be like heaven, with angels and all…

Okay, back to reality: the BA lounge is filled with men in suits eating chips and drinking red wine, playing with their Blackberry or regular phone (these should be banned from a lounge like this of course: walking into the Business Lounge with a regular cellular. You don’t deserve to be here!).

The drinks are free (hey I am Dutch, so that counts) and that’s also the case for Internet access; it allowed me to put my website online while I am waiting for my flight.

The flight to London Heathrow was great. Service was fantastic and I actually enjoyed the meal. We came in over London city and the view was spectacular. Great views of the Bridge, the wheel, the wharf, lots of lights (it was already dark, but the few clouds were high up). Tried to take some pictures but that didn’t work. Too much glare from the windows, so I deleted them.

Although I could use the business lounge at Heathrow as well, I decided to go for a walk. I had a lot of sitting time ahead: the trip from London to Singapore takes 11 hours. When you have seen one airport, you have seen most of them. And Heathrow is no different.

The flight to Singapore was booked to the max. Long queue for check-in. But not for me: hey, I bought a business class ticket, so I can walk to the desk and make hundreds of passengers really jealous… Heaven, angels, the lot. Then I got on board of this big Boeing 7-something , upstairs searching for my luxury seat. Man, these are BIG… I had to call Simon to tell him ;-)

We had a great flight over to Singapore. I sat next to an Australian bloke who has been working in the UK for the last 18 months and was really looking forward to some decent weather. It’s strange: you start in the dark, then after so many hours it is light again and then it’s getting dark when you land.

Got to the hotel by 21:00 local time. Exhausted, but with just enough energy to create this post. Going to bed now, because tomorrow 9:00 I am on a “complementary” tour to see all the highlights of this big city.

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