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Let’s get the hell away from here…

Thursday 7 October 2010
USABlue Sky Flying AdventuresFlying

As mentioned in my previous post, Laughlin is a cheap version of Las Vegas. Well, I think that “cheap” doesn’t cover it at all… It’s worse than that! We’re more than happy to leave this place. According to the forecast we will have beautiful flying weather today, so time to move on to Sedona.

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Finally, we’re going!!

Wednesday 6 October 2010
USABlue Sky Flying AdventuresFlying

After days of paperwork and check flights, it’s time to go flying. The weather is still very poor in the whole region and as a result we will not be able to follow the original route. After looking at all the forecasts we came to the conclusion that if we would do the route counter clockwise, we would get behind the bad weather and would be able to follow the original plan (more or less).

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Yo, taxi...

Tuesday 5 October 2010
USABlue Sky Flying AdventuresFlying

Although Jeroen and myself have passed the check out phase, the other pilots have not reached that point yet. The weather is not helping either; we have fog, drizzle and rain. Not great flying conditions… As a result we are faced with a small delay.

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That’s a big boat!

Monday 4 October 2010
USABlue Sky Flying AdventuresDrivingWalking

Although that Jeroen and myself have completed the check out, the other pilots have not yet completed their paperwork and tests. Today started with a visit of the local FAA office. After some paperwork, we received our US certificate based on our Dutch private pilot licenses. Yet another part of the process to fly in the US.

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12 Minutes of bad weather

Sunday 3 October 2010
USAFlyingBlue Sky Flying Adventures

We started our day today with “ground school”. During a 3 hour session Paul Wickstrom (one of the Pinnacle Aviation Academy instructors) gave us a refresh of the rules and best practices that apply when flying in the USA.

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